Busy mums

Our range of delicious, wholesome ready meals were inspired a few years ago by one of our regular customers: Friday Mum.

Every week, Friday Mum would park up outside, dash across to the Co-op and then ten minutes later – arms carrying bags packed with frozen pizzas and ready meals – would dash into us to collect her weekly order of meat. Then at 3.20pm exactly, she would leave, hurrying off to complete the school run just around the corner.

Now, what Friday Mum bought from us was always varied and she was clearly passionate about providing her family with quality food. She would regularly ask our talented butchers about the best cuts for certain dishes, timings for roasting a certain size of joint and was happy to try whatever game was in season, at our recommendation.

So, as butchers who offer the very finest in quality food, we were perplexed by her frozen pizza and ready meal habit each Friday, until one day we asked her.

“It’s not good!” she laughed. “But, by the time it gets to Friday afternoon, I don’t have the time or energy to think about cooking for my rabble, so they have to put up with whatever’s easy, I’m afraid!”

And, that one sentence by that one busy customer, is why we developed our home-cooked ready meal range. Friday Mum told us her the problem; she needed food that was fast, easy and convenient and she was settling for something she knew wasn’t great.

And, just like that (also read, several months of testing recipes and creating our delicious dishes) Audsley’s ready meals were born. Quality, nutritious, wholesome meals, designed to provide a well-balanced and tasty meal for your family when you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

What Friday Mum taught us, was that fast, easy and convenient could also be quality, nutritious, wholesome and delicious.

Why not try for yourself? Call us, or pop in to see our fabulous range of tempting dishes, designed and created around goodness, quality, convenience and, of course, taste.