Our Story

John Audsley & his son John

As a young boy of around ten, I was thrilled when my father asked me to do the Saturday deliveries on my rickety old bike. That responsibility soon grew and I began learning how to make Audsley’s award-winning sausages and burgers before and after school each day. Rising early and going to bed late, excited and proud of my family heritage.

I would shadow my father, watching him closely, asking endless questions and picking up the hints, tips and skills I now use daily with my own son, to produce Harrogate’s finest quality meat.

Established in 1970 by my father, the original John Edward Audsley, our business has steadily grown to four times its original size, but still stands proudly in the heart of the community at the end of St Winifred’s Avenue.

A wonderful community my own family lives in, works in and belongs to. A community I am very proud to call my own. A community I serve, by offering the very best quality, locally farmed meat in Yorkshire.

John E. Audsley