Harrogate’s award-winning butcher

J. E. Audsley serves the local community with only the best seasonal produce and quality meat, direct from the finest local Yorkshire farms.

Get your Easter Sunday off to a cracking start by ordering your succulent, locally sourced roasting joint

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For the perfect BBQ, we have a delicious collection of Steaks, Burgers and Kebabs to fill the whole family.  



Whether a chicken, goose, turkey or duck, the best tasting birds are ones that have been reared slowly with the highest regard for their development, wellbeing and welfare.

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Delicious loin chops or succulent spare ribs for the barbecue. Boned and rolled shoulder joints for your Sunday roasts. Gammon steaks or diced leg meat for colourful and healthy stir fries. Whatever the occasion or whatever the menu, we have the perfect pork for you.

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All our beef is farmed locally in the hills and valleys of Nidderdale, Wharfedale and Airedale and has full traceability. Local, family farming is not only best for the cattle, it’s the best way to ensure quality beef for you

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J E Audsley Family Butcher

47 St Winifreds Avenue West

Tel : 01423 883051

Monday, 8am - 5pm
Tuesday, 8am - 5pm
Wednesday, 8am - 1pm
Thursday, 8am - 5pm
Friday, 8am - 5pm
Saturday, 8am - 1pm
Sunday, Closed

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  • Revised Opening Times Easter 2022

    The following is our revised opening times over the Easter Weekend period Monday 11th April, 8am - 5pmTuesday 12th April, 8am - 5pmWednesday 13th ...
  • Revised opening hours Christmas 2021

    Monday 20 Dec, 7am - 5pm
    Tuesday 21 Dec 7am - 5pm
    Wednesday 22nd Dec 7am - 5pm
    Thursday 23rd Dec 7am - 5pm
    Friday 24 Dec, 8am - 1pm
    Saturday 25 Dec, Closed
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    Monday 27 Dec, Closed
    Tuesday 28 Dec, Closed
    Wednesday 29 Dec, 8am - 1pm
    Thursday 30 Dec, 8am - 4pm
    Friday 31 Dec, 8am - 1pm
    Saturday 1 Jan, Closed
    Sunday 2 Jan, Closed
    Monday 3 Jan, Closed
    Tuesday 4 Jan, 8am - 5pm

  • Revised opening hours Easter 2021

    Monday 29th March, 8am - 5pm
    Tuesday 30th March, 8am - 5pm
    Wednesday 31st March, 8am - 1pm
    Thursday 1st April, 8am - 5pm
    Friday 2nd April (Good Friday), 7.30am - 3pm
    Saturday 3rd April (Easter Saturday), 7.30am - 2pm
    Sunday 4th April (Easter Sunday), Closed
    Monday 5th April, Closed
    Tuesday 6th April, Closed
    Wednesday 7th April, 8am - 1pm